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The 84th API China

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The 84th API China

13-15 May 2020

Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition

Welcome to API China 2020

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API China is a well-established comprehensive pharmaceuticals and chemicals show in Chinese pharmaceutical industry. With more than 40 years’ experience in China, it has been a well-known celebration for all parties involved in Chinese Pharmaceutical market. It has deep partnership with:China Center for Food and Drug International Exchange (CCFDIE), China Pharmaceutical Industry Association (CPIA), China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association (CNPPA) and other powerful industy associations. API China and its 3 co-related events focus on the whole pharmaceutical industry chain: API China for bulk pharmaceuticalsfine chemicals & intermediates; PHARMEX for excipients and drug formulation; PHARMPACK for pharmaceutical packaging; SINOPHEX for pharmaceutical machinery. More than 30 conference will be held during the exhibition focusing on the current hot topics. It attracts 60,000 visitors each time. And more and more manufacturers as well as professional visitors are coming for it to seek for opportunities and sourcing for partners.

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