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Medicinal methyl salicylate(Low phenol)

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                                                                            Medicinal Methyl salicylate (Low phenol)

Chemical Name:          methyl o-Hydroxybenzoate
Other Name: Medical winter green oil 、Low phenol winter green oil
CAS#: 119-36-8
Chemical Formula: C8H8O3
Structural Formula:
Properties: Colorless or light yellow oily liquid with aromatic odour,easy to change color in the air. Melting Point-8.6℃, boiling point 223.6℃, relative density 1.181, refractive index 1.5369, easily soluble in alcohol, acetic acid, soluble in ether, chloroform, slightly soluble in water.
Specifications: BP/USP/EP/JP/ChP/GB
Appearance:                               Colorless or light yellow oily liquid
Assay (containsC8H8O3):    99.0-100.5%
Acidity:                                        ml[0.1mol/LNaOH]/5.0g ≤  0.4
Relative density(25℃/25℃):    1.180-1.186
Refractive index(20℃):            1.535-1.538
Heavy metals:                            ≤0.002%(20ppm)
Pheonl content:                          ≤50ppm
Optical rotation:                          Optically inactive
Solubility in 70% alcohol:            Complete & Clear
Uses: It is widly used to manufacture insecticide, perfume, coating, cosmetics, printing ink, etc. It can be used as solvent and intermediate, also use as aromatic ingredient in oral medicine.
Packing: In 25kg,250kgs polyethylene plastic drum or in 220kg,230kgs iron drum with plastic liner.
Storage: Stored at the place where is dry and cool. Kept in a well-closed container. Keep away from sunlight.




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